Homebirth Supplies List for Current Clients

Your Birth Kit will be provided as part of your package. You do not need to order one. However, if you would like to see what items are included, you can check any of the three sites listed below. We typically order from In His Hands. If there are items that are not included that you would like to have, please order these items separately.


In addition to your birth kit, you should purchase/collect the following supplies:

  • 2-4 LARGE bottles of hydrogen peroxide (for cleanup)
  • Bleach (only a small amount is needed)
  • 2 or 5 gallon bucket (if not supplied by your midwife)
  • NEW, clean garden hose, long enough to reach the birth pool from your water source - NOT a "Flexible Hose"
  • Birth Pool Liner (Birth Pool in a Box Mini - can be ordered with the birth kit)
  • Small fish net (to remove any solids from the birth pool)
  • Shower curtain or waterproof mattress cover (if not purchased with the birth kit)
  • Heating pad (for warmth of mom or baby as needed)
  • Healthy food and beverages for mom and midwives (fruit, vegetables, nuts, beans, whole grains, etc)
  • 6-10 CLEAN towels (washed prior to birth - even if new)
  • 2-4 clean hand towels
  • Roll of paper towels
  • Clorox or other disinfecting wipes
  • 4-8 washed cotton baby blankets (washed prior to birth - even if new)
  • 100% cotton infant clothes, prewashed (not new with tags)
  • 1 package of Depends or VERY large sanitary napkins (2 Depends come in the birth kit)
  • 2 bottles of unflavored Pedialyte or any flavor Powerade (first-time moms only)


Optional Supplies:

  • 6-10 clean washcloths
  • Crockpot (to warm washcloths for compresses)
  • Large bowl or shallow pan (to catch placenta - midwife usually has one with her)
  • Ice packs or frozen sanitary napkins (for perineum after birth - one comes in birth kit)
  • Camera (or birth photographer)
  • Video camera (and operator other than your husband or midwife)
  • Music (soothing, instrumental, praise music, etc)
  • Anything else that you find comforting

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