Homebirth Supplies List for Current Clients

Your Birth Kit can be purchased from ANY of the following (you only need one, but you have a choice of which business you order from):


In addition to your birth kit, you should purchase/collect the following supplies:

  • 2-4 LARGE bottles of hydrogen peroxide (for cleanup)
  • Bleach (only a small amount is needed)
  • 2 or 5 gallon bucket (if not supplied by your midwife)
  • NEW, clean garden hose, long enough to reach the birth pool from your water source - NOT a "Flexible Hose"
  • Birth Pool Liner (Birth Pool in a Box Mini - can be ordered with the birth kit)
  • Small fish net (to remove any solids from the birth pool)
  • Shower curtain or waterproof mattress cover (if not purchased with the birth kit)
  • Heating pad (for warmth of mom or baby as needed)
  • Healthy food and beverages for mom and midwives (fruit, vegetables, nuts, beans, whole grains, etc)
  • 6-10 CLEAN towels (washed prior to birth - even if new)
  • 2-4 clean hand towels
  • Roll of paper towels
  • Clorox or other disinfecting wipes
  • 4-8 washed cotton baby blankets (washed prior to birth - even if new)
  • 100% cotton infant clothes, prewashed (not new with tags)
  • 1 package of Depends or VERY large sanitary napkins (2 Depends come in the birth kit)
  • 2 bottles of unflavored Pedialyte or any flavor Powerade (first-time moms only)


Optional Supplies:

  • 6-10 clean washcloths
  • Crockpot (to warm washcloths for compresses)
  • Large bowl or shallow pan (to catch placenta - midwife usually has one with her)
  • Ice packs or frozen sanitary napkins (for perineum after birth - one comes in birth kit)
  • Camera (or birth photographer)
  • Video camera (and operator other than your husband or midwife)
  • Music (soothing, instrumental, praise music, etc)
  • Anything else that you find comforting

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