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"My best and most comfortable labors have been with Ashley and her team. I couldn't think of having my babies with anyone else. We are very blessed and thankful to God for everyone there."


~Rebekah L., delivered August 2018 and October 2020



"I switched to Wellspring midway through my pregnancy, and I'm so happy that I did. Ashley and her team went above and beyond for me while I was in her care, and they made sure to educate me on all my options throughout my pregnancy and delivery, and supported the decisions I made. I was able to deliver at the new location [in Cleveland], and it is really beautiful - they've done a great job putting everything together.


This was my second delivery and my first using a midwife, and the difference in care between an OB and a midwife is astonishing. I had the same OB for a decade prior to my latest pregnancy, and I couldn't have even told you if she had kids or not - there was just no real relationship development. Ashley takes the time to build a relationship with her clients, and really gets to know you so that you are completely at ease with her. I will absolutely never give birth in a hospital again after using Ashley. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a care provider for their pregnancy."


~Melissa H., delivered July 2020



"I appreciated everything being really chill. I appreciated gentle encouragement when I was laboring too long in one spot. It seemed like everyone actually cared how the baby and I were doing."

~Anne S., delivered June 2020



"Thank you to Ashley and her team for guiding me throughout my pregnancy and giving me the confidence in my birth, no matter how unexpected it was."



~Khrystyn W., delivered August 2019



"Ashley and her team are great. My first son was born in a hospital where all of my requests and wants were ignored, but not for medical reasons. With my second pregnancy, I knew I wanted a different experience, and I found it at Wellspring. The childbirth class, appointments, everything went so well. During the delivery, Ashley was very supportive and encouraging. I look forward to using Wellspring and Ashley again."



~Monica K., delivered November 2018



"My wife and I had our 1st and only natural delivery here. It was a wonderful experience that I only wish we had done with our others! Ashley and her staff were fantastic from prenatal through delivery. We had an on-call delivery in the wee morning hours with Dawn, who was just wonderful.


I truly felt like they cared about the wellbeing of my wife and our daughter. I am a person with a lot of questions, and I was skeptical at first by nature. Ashley answered every single question professionally, and with a tone of education and empowerment to the parents. I felt informed about everything that transpired.


I can't say thank you enough for providing such a great environment and supportive environment. It's a memory I will never forget."



~Jeremy C., wife delivered February 2018



"Ashley was great! I loved that I was able to call her on her cell at any time. I was in good hands! Loved the tub. Staff was amazing. [They] made me feel very safe and well taken care of."

~Bianca G., delivered October 2017



"Thanks for always having your phone on you! It was reassuring with my fear of unassisted birth. [Regarding the birth,] Perfect timing! I didn't want midwives there sitting on their hands, watching me like a watched pot - but when I needed you, I NEEDED you. You got there right away and were easy to reach at 3-somthing am. Baby coming one hour after the midwife's arrival was my most pleasantly timed birth - not too soon to feel frustrated with slow progress and inconvenienving others, but soon enough that there was no stress. Also, the ultrasound machine [in office] was a huge perk to put my mind at ease and verify baby's position."

~Amber B., delivered March 2017



"I was very impressed by how tidy & cleaned up our home was after labor. We could just bond with our newborn and chillax! Also, it was really nice to have a space for siblings to play during prenatal visits."

~Jaylyn M., delivered March 2017



"I was so happy to find Ashley Musil even though I was already 35 weeks along. She was so supportive of helping me achieve my VBAC and helped me feel confident that my prior cesarean had no hindrance on my ability for a natural birth. Despite needing to transfer my care [to the hospital during labor], Ashley was right by my side helping me make informed decisions and traveling with me to the hospital. I felt a sense of calm having my birth team with me and knew I could still have the birth I wanted, even if it wasn't in my ideal setting. Ashley and her team allowed me to have the healing birth I needed. I hope to deliver with her again should we be blessed with more children."

~Ashley N., delivered August 2016



Regarding Prenatal Care: "I could relay my concerns to Ashley, and she always knew what I was talking about and how to comfort me."


Regarding Labor and Birth: "During labor, we were able to labor comfortably, but when I needed assistance, Ashley was right there ready to lend a hand."


Regarding Postpartum Care: "I enjoyed having my first [postpartum] visit at home. We did not have to leave the house with our brand new baby, which was wonderful."


Regarding the General Office: "The birth center felt like a second home to our family."


~Talitha C., delivered July 2016




Regarding Labor and Birth: "I was so very grateful for your calm energy! Especially when my husband & I felt nervous about how quickly our delivery progressed."


Regarding Postpartum Care: "Loved that we could text message and appreciate that my husband was able to call when I got a fever to get an antibiotic that day!"


Regarding the General Office: "The home birth was double what we paid in OK, but honestly was worth every penny."


~Natalie B., delivered June 2016




"I had a positive experience throughout. I would definitely recommend your services. Thanks!"


~Zoe I., delivered March 2016




"I really like the birth packages and how they are all inclusive with no hidden fees."


~Kamie S., delivered August 2016




"You guys are awesome! Keep up the great work!"


~Robyn B., delivered August 2016 (her second baby with Wellspring)


Comments are from client evaluations and posted publicly with permission.

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